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Useful tools for web designers

Countless graphic works are created using useful tools for web designers; with which they can give a visual appearance and attractive design to their online pages, in a way that captivates the attention of their audience and leads them to stay longer, browsing on this type of platform; Find out what it is by reading this article.

What is a web designer?

It is a professional considered as a graphic artist, with abilities and skills in terms of design, usability and visual appearance of a website.

In other words, his job is to address everything related to Layout and online page design; which implies that it is responsible for producing its content and creating these sites using programming languages ​​such as HTML or XML, among others.

It is also usual that to facilitate their work, they use useful tools for web designers; both for its creation and for the administration of its contents.

Useful tools for web designers

To be truly functional, graphic design requires that aspects such as:

• Responsiveness, a feature that allows when you enter a website from your mobile, tablet or computer; you can interact without difficulties when reading long texts or enlarging an image that you cannot fully visualize.
• Scannability, so you can capture as much content as possible with the naked eye; so that you can have various blogs, news, social networks and personal email on your screen; to keep you alert to the arrival of a message.
• Typography, choosing a type of letters that are pleasant for reading, in size, design and tone; adequate, to make it comfortable in the eyes of the reader.
• Loading speed, because when you enter a web page, you expect it to respond quickly and if it takes more than two seconds, you end up deciding to look for another site, so as not to waste time.

Tools every web designer should have at hand

The world of web design is rapidly growing and expanding; even faster than other fields; Therefore, a web designer must learn to handle those tools with which he simplifies his work and achieves the best results, such as those mentioned below:

CMS Hub, efficient content manager, with which web pages are brought to life in a simple and intuitive way, without requiring programming knowledge.
• Adobe Color CC, software to enhance the color of images, photographs, create graphics, illustrations and more.
• Google Fonts, so that your fonts are original and represent the corporate image that you want to be captured by the audience.
• What Font Is, a tool with which you can find all the current typographical fonts; considering that there are at least 500,00 registered worldwide.
• Mockflow, an application with which you will quickly create your design schemes; dropping and dragging all the elements and counting on preconfigured icons.
• CSS3 Button Generator, so you can customize your buttons with a versatile, elegant, sophisticated and attractive appearance for users.
•, an application creator that will be very useful for web design, so you can determine how you want to display your menus, forms, lists and other components.
• Tinypng, an image optimizer that makes it easy for you to compress your graphic content; making navigation on your website more fluid.
• ColorPick Eyedropper, a Chrome extension that you install additionally to find out details such as the verification of the color you are using and its corresponding code.
• Notepad++, a tool that replaces your notepad and where you can edit the source codes of your project.
• Pixabay, an image bank in which more than 900,000 free files are stored.
• Freepik, a search engine to access all those graphic resources that will help you complement your creative project; be it high quality photos, illustrations, PSD files and more.

The list of useful tools for web designers is endless and the best thing about it is that these resources are practically available with just a few clicks.

We suggest some others that will complement your portfolio of work, such as: Page Rule Redox, XAMPP, Figma, InVision Studio, Squoosh, Sizzy, ColorZilla, Affinity Designer and many others; look for them and take advantage of them.

How to maintain your computer?

Learn how to maintain your computer? in order to guarantee that it works in perfect conditions, following simple tasks that you can undertake periodically to prolong the useful life of this device and avoid headaches, when you most require its services.

Importance of the computer today

The computer has become an indispensable tool for human beings, which is used practically in all their routine tasks, whether they are work, educational, leisure or simply to have access to a means of communication through which to stay informed.

Our society, once it has experienced the magic that it has within its reach within a computer, can no longer get rid of it; precisely to make your life easier, save you time and effort; in addition to allowing you to do an impeccable job.

With the system, new ways of approaching tasks have been created, the bureaucratic procedures of interdepartmental communication in companies have been simplified and all those who wish to learn have been allowed to do so even without leaving their home; by having internet access.

How to maintain your computer?

Determined the importance of the computer for the lives of its users; it is time to consider the proper way to keep them ready; which is only achieved by dispensing the necessary care, which translates into simple preventive maintenance tasks.

Although it is necessary to indicate that an important aspect for the good condition of your PC is precisely the way in which you use it, the programs that you install on it and a series of steps that you may not even be aware of, so we will indicate below how to carry out its maintenance.

Be careful with liquids and drinks

It is normal when sitting in front of the orderly, to place a bottle of water or any soft drink to hydrate ourselves while working; but you must be careful in this regard, because if they spill on its electronic components, it could render them unusable.

Avoid placing the PC on the floor

Even if you take care to clean your environment, the first place that reaches and accumulates dust is the floor and this is absorbed by the fans of your computer, which over time ends up clogging them, preventing it from providing adequate cooling.

Clean your computer frequently

It is necessary that you periodically remove the dust accumulated on its grids, keyboard, mouse, mat, monitor and other components; because it will depend on your fluid work and without blockages.

Do not use the power button to turn it off

As part of the novelty in the design of these equipments, achieved in recent years; they have been provided with ATX power supplies, through which they are turned off from the software without the need to press any buttons.

Maintain installed software

The content of your computer also requires maintenance to prevent possible failures or unwanted problems; To do this, we recommend performing these tasks:

• Frequently update your operating system and drivers.
• Install only reliable and virus-free software
Never saturate the system disk or slow down all the processes in charge of it.
• Browse the web, only on safe sites.
• Enable the SSD optimization options included in Windows 10
Install an antivirus that you can use to carry out regular cleaning, eliminating cookies, obsolete files and all kinds of debris stored on your hard drive.

Remember that it is extremely important that you learn how to maintain your computer, so that it lasts for many years in perfect condition.

We know that technological advances grow faster than your economic capacity; For this reason, conserving what its services provide you with today is a priority, in order to continue enjoying them, until you manage to buy a new computer.

What is web development?

Do you want to discover what web development consists of? To make the most of its potential in the construction and maintenance of platforms with a fast appearance, impeccable operation and where each of the users who enter them enjoy the best experience; Learn here everything you need on the subject and more.

What is web development?

It is possible that for some time now you have been asking yourself, what is web development? Simply for finding yourself taking your first steps in the magical world of online computing and admiring the work done by many developers who work passionately in this digital field.

Simply web development is about creating and maintaining sites, pages or platforms in a versatile way and with an operation according to the needs of the users who enter to know its contents or amenities.

Today the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out web development are highly demanded in the market as well as very well paid; In fact, it is a career with ample growth possibilities and many job alternatives.

Talking about web development implies considering all the processes associated with the creation of an online site, a software or an application with which the needs of a client are met and that is achieved by executing an interface that is attractive as well as functional for its users. final user.

What is web development?

Web development is an activity that can be carried out by one or several programmers who operate jointly in the creation of this project in order to carry it out.

It is carried out using hundreds of lines of HTML, meeting with designers and clients to clearly define their objectives, testing the functionality of the site and polishing it as its creation progresses.

Once it is decided to put it into operation at the usual level, it is necessary to maintain continuous monitoring of its performance and carry out timely maintenance, periodically.

The creators of a web development must be professional experts in this field, with ample capacity to listen and have special communication skills, ease of teamwork, in addition to manipulating the programming language practically with their eyes closed.

This extensive professionalism is one of the most demanded jobs today, when the internet has become an indispensable means of communication, attractive for companies that manage to stay afloat within their commercial market and therefore it is a job field with attractive salaries, due to the lack of qualified web developers.

Web developers can provide their services for a company or work as an independent freelancer; in both they require ample capacity for the administration of different projects, many of them practically simultaneously.

The reason for this is based on the fact that as part of what web development consists of, it is implicit that each of the functions or applications of the sites that are created; You will have an extensive list of tasks that must be covered, if you want to keep the project going.

Following different methodologies such as waterfall development, where a linear process is followed that begins with the planning of the web, implementation, production, presentation to the client, approval, commissioning and subsequent maintenance.

On the other hand, there is the Agile methodology with which the project is approached in different stages and processes as it is developed; in this sense, the comments thrown by the client are collected as its functionality is tested, even without it having been completed.

Although it is practically a job on the fly, it is one of the most widely accepted methodologies and with which customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Essential software

There is essential software for users of an operating system like Windows, one of the most popular over the years; that they are the essential tools for all those users who acquire a computer for the first time, be it laptop or desktop; find out all about them and more.

What is a software?

If you have not yet become familiar with this term, it is appropriate to point out that it is a set of programs, computer rules or instructions registered in its database to follow them to be started and thanks to which different types of tasks are executed.

In other words, the software is developed based on intangible logical equipment; but who has the ability to develop a work behavior in order to complete an activity, following a series of previously programmed steps.

An example of this is represented in the versatile functionality of operating systems, games, applications, web browsers or simple programs like the ones you use daily to write your documents and provide them with everything you need to represent your best projects in them.

Essential software

Making a selection of the essential software is difficult; precisely because of the wide range of them that you will enter at the market level; but we have chosen all those that to a great extent, you will need at some point in your life; however, to cover as many as possible, considering them briefly; check them out if you get the chance:

Google Chrome

One of the most valuable browsers today, really reliable and effective; provided with all the functions and features that you can look for in this type of software; standing out above many others, due to all the extensions that it has available in addition to having an innovative and intuitive design.


It is the most complete office package for those who need to carry out countless tasks on the computer, either for work, studies or simply to fine-tune the administration of your expenses. This combo includes useful tools such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Share Point or Microsoft, the popular Word and more.

VLC Player

One of the essential software to enjoy movies and videos through the computer; since it is a famous multimedia player with high performance, easy to use, powerful and stable.


Cleaning always comes in handy to get your computer ready; what you will achieve with this maintenance software that will help you eliminate unwanted files or disable programs that you no longer use and only serve to reduce space on your hard drive.


Nothing more annoying than when you receive a compressed file and you can’t extract its content; WinZip is practically essential software that supports all kinds of compression methods and reduces the weight of files for their delivery through online media.

Avast Free Antivirus

Malicious people remain in the networks capturing unsuspecting people to steal their personal data and take advantage of it for their benefit; what you will avoid by using this free essential software, with which you block and eliminate all kinds of threats that you are exposed to when browsing the web.


It is another essential software for lovers of good music and streaming videos; it also gives you access to it without having to download it, quickly searching within its extensive catalog; providing you with high quality sound; notwithstanding that its Premium version requires payment; but the free one offers you the same content only limited.


A good photo is sometimes worth more than words; therefore, this essential software for retouching your images, editing graphics, cropping or modifying photographs, making advertisements and more cannot be missing from your computer.

To close this selection of essential software on your computer, it is necessary to mention others such as CrashPlan with which you keep your files safe by creating a backup or Launchy with which you reduce work time using keyboard shortcuts.