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Essential software

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There is essential software for users of an operating system like Windows, one of the most popular over the years; that they are the essential tools for all those users who acquire a computer for the first time, be it laptop or desktop; find out all about them and more.

What is a software?

If you have not yet become familiar with this term, it is appropriate to point out that it is a set of programs, computer rules or instructions registered in its database to follow them to be started and thanks to which different types of tasks are executed.

In other words, the software is developed based on intangible logical equipment; but who has the ability to develop a work behavior in order to complete an activity, following a series of previously programmed steps.

An example of this is represented in the versatile functionality of operating systems, games, applications, web browsers or simple programs like the ones you use daily to write your documents and provide them with everything you need to represent your best projects in them.

Essential software

Making a selection of the essential software is difficult; precisely because of the wide range of them that you will enter at the market level; but we have chosen all those that to a great extent, you will need at some point in your life; however, to cover as many as possible, considering them briefly; check them out if you get the chance:

Google Chrome

One of the most valuable browsers today, really reliable and effective; provided with all the functions and features that you can look for in this type of software; standing out above many others, due to all the extensions that it has available in addition to having an innovative and intuitive design.


It is the most complete office package for those who need to carry out countless tasks on the computer, either for work, studies or simply to fine-tune the administration of your expenses. This combo includes useful tools such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Share Point or Microsoft, the popular Word and more.

VLC Player

One of the essential software to enjoy movies and videos through the computer; since it is a famous multimedia player with high performance, easy to use, powerful and stable.


Cleaning always comes in handy to get your computer ready; what you will achieve with this maintenance software that will help you eliminate unwanted files or disable programs that you no longer use and only serve to reduce space on your hard drive.


Nothing more annoying than when you receive a compressed file and you can’t extract its content; WinZip is practically essential software that supports all kinds of compression methods and reduces the weight of files for their delivery through online media.

Avast Free Antivirus

Malicious people remain in the networks capturing unsuspecting people to steal their personal data and take advantage of it for their benefit; what you will avoid by using this free essential software, with which you block and eliminate all kinds of threats that you are exposed to when browsing the web.


It is another essential software for lovers of good music and streaming videos; it also gives you access to it without having to download it, quickly searching within its extensive catalog; providing you with high quality sound; notwithstanding that its Premium version requires payment; but the free one offers you the same content only limited.


A good photo is sometimes worth more than words; therefore, this essential software for retouching your images, editing graphics, cropping or modifying photographs, making advertisements and more cannot be missing from your computer.

To close this selection of essential software on your computer, it is necessary to mention others such as CrashPlan with which you keep your files safe by creating a backup or Launchy with which you reduce work time using keyboard shortcuts.

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