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How to maintain your computer?

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Learn how to maintain your computer? in order to guarantee that it works in perfect conditions, following simple tasks that you can undertake periodically to prolong the useful life of this device and avoid headaches, when you most require its services.

Importance of the computer today

The computer has become an indispensable tool for human beings, which is used practically in all their routine tasks, whether they are work, educational, leisure or simply to have access to a means of communication through which to stay informed.

Our society, once it has experienced the magic that it has within its reach within a computer, can no longer get rid of it; precisely to make your life easier, save you time and effort; in addition to allowing you to do an impeccable job.

With the system, new ways of approaching tasks have been created, the bureaucratic procedures of interdepartmental communication in companies have been simplified and all those who wish to learn have been allowed to do so even without leaving their home; by having internet access.

How to maintain your computer?

Determined the importance of the computer for the lives of its users; it is time to consider the proper way to keep them ready; which is only achieved by dispensing the necessary care, which translates into simple preventive maintenance tasks.

Although it is necessary to indicate that an important aspect for the good condition of your PC is precisely the way in which you use it, the programs that you install on it and a series of steps that you may not even be aware of, so we will indicate below how to carry out its maintenance.

Be careful with liquids and drinks

It is normal when sitting in front of the orderly, to place a bottle of water or any soft drink to hydrate ourselves while working; but you must be careful in this regard, because if they spill on its electronic components, it could render them unusable.

Avoid placing the PC on the floor

Even if you take care to clean your environment, the first place that reaches and accumulates dust is the floor and this is absorbed by the fans of your computer, which over time ends up clogging them, preventing it from providing adequate cooling.

Clean your computer frequently

It is necessary that you periodically remove the dust accumulated on its grids, keyboard, mouse, mat, monitor and other components; because it will depend on your fluid work and without blockages.

Do not use the power button to turn it off

As part of the novelty in the design of these equipments, achieved in recent years; they have been provided with ATX power supplies, through which they are turned off from the software without the need to press any buttons.

Maintain installed software

The content of your computer also requires maintenance to prevent possible failures or unwanted problems; To do this, we recommend performing these tasks:

• Frequently update your operating system and drivers.
• Install only reliable and virus-free software
Never saturate the system disk or slow down all the processes in charge of it.
• Browse the web, only on safe sites.
• Enable the SSD optimization options included in Windows 10
Install an antivirus that you can use to carry out regular cleaning, eliminating cookies, obsolete files and all kinds of debris stored on your hard drive.

Remember that it is extremely important that you learn how to maintain your computer, so that it lasts for many years in perfect condition.

We know that technological advances grow faster than your economic capacity; For this reason, conserving what its services provide you with today is a priority, in order to continue enjoying them, until you manage to buy a new computer.

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