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Useful tools for web designers

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Countless graphic works are created using useful tools for web designers; with which they can give a visual appearance and attractive design to their online pages, in a way that captivates the attention of their audience and leads them to stay longer, browsing on this type of platform; Find out what it is by reading this article.

What is a web designer?

It is a professional considered as a graphic artist, with abilities and skills in terms of design, usability and visual appearance of a website.

In other words, his job is to address everything related to Layout and online page design; which implies that it is responsible for producing its content and creating these sites using programming languages ​​such as HTML or XML, among others.

It is also usual that to facilitate their work, they use useful tools for web designers; both for its creation and for the administration of its contents.

Useful tools for web designers

To be truly functional, graphic design requires that aspects such as:

• Responsiveness, a feature that allows when you enter a website from your mobile, tablet or computer; you can interact without difficulties when reading long texts or enlarging an image that you cannot fully visualize.
• Scannability, so you can capture as much content as possible with the naked eye; so that you can have various blogs, news, social networks and personal email on your screen; to keep you alert to the arrival of a message.
• Typography, choosing a type of letters that are pleasant for reading, in size, design and tone; adequate, to make it comfortable in the eyes of the reader.
• Loading speed, because when you enter a web page, you expect it to respond quickly and if it takes more than two seconds, you end up deciding to look for another site, so as not to waste time.

Tools every web designer should have at hand

The world of web design is rapidly growing and expanding; even faster than other fields; Therefore, a web designer must learn to handle those tools with which he simplifies his work and achieves the best results, such as those mentioned below:

CMS Hub, efficient content manager, with which web pages are brought to life in a simple and intuitive way, without requiring programming knowledge.
• Adobe Color CC, software to enhance the color of images, photographs, create graphics, illustrations and more.
• Google Fonts, so that your fonts are original and represent the corporate image that you want to be captured by the audience.
• What Font Is, a tool with which you can find all the current typographical fonts; considering that there are at least 500,00 registered worldwide.
• Mockflow, an application with which you will quickly create your design schemes; dropping and dragging all the elements and counting on preconfigured icons.
• CSS3 Button Generator, so you can customize your buttons with a versatile, elegant, sophisticated and attractive appearance for users.
•, an application creator that will be very useful for web design, so you can determine how you want to display your menus, forms, lists and other components.
• Tinypng, an image optimizer that makes it easy for you to compress your graphic content; making navigation on your website more fluid.
• ColorPick Eyedropper, a Chrome extension that you install additionally to find out details such as the verification of the color you are using and its corresponding code.
• Notepad++, a tool that replaces your notepad and where you can edit the source codes of your project.
• Pixabay, an image bank in which more than 900,000 free files are stored.
• Freepik, a search engine to access all those graphic resources that will help you complement your creative project; be it high quality photos, illustrations, PSD files and more.

The list of useful tools for web designers is endless and the best thing about it is that these resources are practically available with just a few clicks.

We suggest some others that will complement your portfolio of work, such as: Page Rule Redox, XAMPP, Figma, InVision Studio, Squoosh, Sizzy, ColorZilla, Affinity Designer and many others; look for them and take advantage of them.

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